Deborah Morra is an award winning photographer whose work is in several permanent collections, including the Allison Inn and Spa in Newberg, Oregon and the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation's Oregon and Minnesota locations.  Her photography has been exhibited at Art Elements Gallery in Newberg as well as several Yamhill Valley Wineries.

Morra's inspiration comes from her immediate environment.  With nature is her muse her macro photography focuses on native plants and insects.  Ethnobotany is another interest that she brings to her work as evidenced in the collections of Heritage Plants and their Pollinators which are housed in Chemeketa Community College's Yamhill Valley and Salem, Oregon campuses.  

Morra has expanded her craft to include high dynamic range.  This process lends itself well to street and landscape photography.  She captures every bit of light by shooting three exposure of an image and blending them together to even out the tonal range.  This technique results in hyper-realistic images, full of detail and color.  This process delights the artist, as it's representative of how she views the world through her own eyes.

Deborah can be reached by email at or phone at 971-267-0898.